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“The arrival at the new sound is also “home” for now – a real down-to-earth rock record that inspires a second, third, and fourth listen. Is it deep? Yes…but, can I understand it -also, yes! For me, that’s the very essence of rock and roll – it’s both relatable and emotionally challenging at the same time.”

Kelly Jones - Portland Notes

“Wilkinson possesses a rich bass-baritone, and does something rare in music — he enunciates his lyrics. His band also kicks major fanny, as evidenced by the Green on Red-like number “Highway Sign,” which rolls in just the manner its title implies. Meanwhile “What Could Go Wrong” is sort of like what might have happened if The Clash covered a Joe Walsh tune when he wasn’t half in the sauce. Mmmm. Good fixins!”

Rob Cullivan - Portland Tribune

"the band's muscular delivery suggests less a razor than a blunt instrument. The band's new sophomore album, Home, offers earnest, straightforward American rock’n’roll.

JEFF ROSENBERG - Willamette Week Magazine

" Dripping with psychedelic overtones and trippy, ethereal vocals, Wilkinson sounds as if he could be the long lost brother of Jim Morrison. " "Wilkinson said he wanted to make a record that he could be proud of and play for his friends, and that goal was reached with 4 AM. The eleven tracks draw you into his musical world and take you on a short journey. You get a good vision of his life, where he is from and where he is going, and by the end can’t help rooting for Steve Wilkinson."

Zach Jones - Mountain Weekly News


"Portland alternative rockers produce the perfect debut album. So I’m gonna shut the fuck up and let the math do the talking and award 4:00 AM what is only my second ever 5-star review on this website. There is a spark of magic in this album. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but it’s there and it makes me smile every time I listen to it. So for the love of God. Please. I’m fucking begging you. Go out and buy this record cos this band deserve to be fucking massive."



"Steve Wilkinson is quite the shape shifter and an impressive song writer to boot. He’s had a good deal of practice, traveling and playing with other bands and working on other projects. This time Wilkinson takes centre stage and shows his practice has damn near made perfect. His music is subtle and lovingly formed."

Johnny Sixstring - We Love Rock-n-Pop


"In keeping with the diversity factor, the remainder of 4:00A.M. speaks well for Wilkinson’s capabilities as both composer and vocalist, with the straight ahead country of Holding Me Down, the irony of Sunshine Now and the matter of fact self-depreciation of Crippled Mind each contributing with equal impact to the proceedings....To be certain, with 4:00A.M., Wilkinson has produced a collection that stands on both its own merits and its creator’s terms, with just the right balance of accessibility and distance to at once sustain interest and challenge both the hardcore and casual observer."

Michael McDowell - Blitz: The Rock & Roll Magazine


"In the Wilkinson Blades we have windswept Americana at it’s finest. It’s the sound of the people. The sound of the heartland."

SP Clarke -


"Wilkinson Blades’ whole album shows a well-rounded sound that pays homage to a rich musical past which doesn’t fail to acknowledge a hard-earned respect and standing in the state’s scene. You can tell that production was a particularly relaxed process – no anxiety or angst, or any expectation of overall sound. If there’s any angst, maybe it’s in the song ‘Wishing I’d Never Known You‘ – that familiar sound of letting go of regret. And yet the album has flow."

Jane McConn - Speechmarks - UK



Portland, OR.  Established 2012.

Vocals, Guitar / Steve Wilkinson
Guitar, Vocals / Grant Cumpston
Bass / David E Lane




Alberta Street Pub Residency: 4th Thursday of Each Month 6PM-7:45PM

Friday, June 14th, 2019 - Laurelthirst Public House - 9PM

Saturday, July 13th, 2019 - Alberta Street Pub Presents: Music on the Patio MusicFest - 7PM